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Since June, 2014, any user who subscribes to our review and does not pass the ABA or ABPM Board Examination in Pain Management will receive a FREE CME 1 month Membership for the coming year!

This membership is worth up to 34 CME credits. In order to be eligible, users must go through all of the PainExam quizzes during any one membership period.

For best results, we recommend that users go through each of the quizzes twice, or until they receive at least an 80% total score.

                                                                        PainExam Reviews & Testimonials


"David,                                                                                                          Email to Dr. Rosenblum- July 12, 2017

I just wanted to send a 'Big Thank you'. 

I passed my ABPM re-certification MOC. I owe my success to for providing me a solid review on the pain boards preparation. I was 100% confident after I was done with your review course and podcasts that I will breeze thru the exam and.....I did ! Thank you so much for providing such a 'State of the Art' review course !

Dr.Ravi Lakkaraju,MD

Diplomate ABPMR, ABPM, ABIME"            


"Your example test questions were very helpful in passing the certification exam. it was money well spent."

D Young

"After comparing, Dannemiller, ASIPP questions, and a published book of 1000 review questions, I believe, without a doubt, is the best, most cost-effective, and most reliable resource out there for the pain management board re-certification test.

Rita Hancock MD
PM&R, Pain Management" 

"Dear Dr. Rosenblum,
I passed my pain boards.
The course was very helpful & covered lots of topics that were in your questions.  It helped me immensely,the explanations to each questions on different topics that saved a lot of time while preparing for the exam.
 Thanks for your help & emails.


"Thanks Dave
I am very impressed with your website and so far very helpful. I also took probably the most well known question review course and honestly have found your site to be as or more helpful.   I have no secondary motives, just simply wanted to thank you for your work.  I will be in touch.


 "I have passed the recertification exam. The questions were EXTREMELY useful. Thank you so much for creating this q bank. It was very useful to me because I am not actively practicing pain medicine now. I learned a lot by doing those questions. The real exam had many questions from the pain exam questions. "
Thank you

Rajeswari Kumar

"I passed the pain Board. Your questions and explanations were really great.
Thanks."  Dr. Merchant

"I passed. Very good questions. Almost make you feel guilty when you take the exam."
M Evans MD. Now double boarded

"David, just wanted to let you know, I did pass my recertification exam, thanks for all your help, Nikesh
Nikesh Batra MD"